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1) All our trees are freshly cut 

 2) Keep the tree outside standing in water until it is required indoors. 


 3) If you have had the tree longer than 1 week saw 5cm off the base of the trunk and insert the   tree into a water holding stand. 


 4) Bring the tree inside and place in a cool dry place away from direct or underfloor heat then

 remove the net. 


 5) Keep the water reservoir in the stand topped up daily, remember a tree can use a pint of water a   day. 

 6) Do not allow your tree to dry out as this can accelerate the needle drop. 

 Needle shedding is a natural part of the life-cycle of any Christmas Tree, however there are a few simple steps to follow that will keep your tree looking its best.

 Care for your Tree 

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