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Q)Do we need to book a slot to visit?

A)No you don't need to book just come when we are open. 
Q)How do I reserve a Christmas Tree?

A)This option is available starting on the date we open. Ask for a numbered tag & tie at the payment desk where your contact details will be noted. Walk around the field & attach the tag. You can come back for it at a later date nearer to Christmas.
Q)Can I pay with a card?
A)Yes, we have a machine which accepts card payments.
Q)Can I bring my dog?
A)Yes we are a dog friendly site but please keep pets on a lead at all times.
Q)Is there a cafe selling hot drinks & food?
A)We have a pop up cafe selling hot drinks & food at the weekend.
Q)Do we have to pay to walk around Elf Wood?
A)There is no charge to come & visit Elf Wood & parking is free too. We suggest wearing wellies or boots.
Q)What do you mean open 'til dark?
A)We close when it is too dark to see the trees in the field which is usually about 4.15pm but we will stay open for you if we know you are coming. Just call us on 07775672155.


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